Contact and Ordering Information

AVEM contact information

Contact Information

Planck Aerosystems is located in San Diego, California. We serve customers throughout the world. Please email us for ordering information, technical inquires, customization options for AVEM mobile tethered sensor platform.
Phone: +1 619-230-5049 (may not be staffed due to COVID19)

Ordering Information

Planck offers AVEM along with integration, configuration, training, and/or operations support. Engineering support and customization options may be available on a case-by-case basis.
Contact us to discuss your application and start the ordering process.

Engineering and Test Support

Engineering and training support is provided by Planck on a time and materials (T&M) basis with a fixed hourly fee. Some customers may require only minimal support, while others elect for extensive engineering support. It will depend on overall technical objectives, scope of the effort, and the availability of internal engineering and facility resources. Through technical interchange meetings, Planck can provide an estimate on the amount of engineering support required to achieve your objectives.
Both on-site and remote support options are available. Remote support may include video conferencing, phone calls, email, and remote system access. On-site support may include physical integration, flight testing, and training.