Benefits and Limitations

AVEM benefits compared to alternative approaches, as well as a list of limitations.

AVEM Benefits

  • Ease of use. AVEM offers push-button controls from a dedicated operator control unit that can be used under armor or within a vehicle.
  • Mobility, to keep sensors in the air even when repositioning, on the move, or at sea.
  • GPS-optional flight, for continued operation in degraded or contested environments.
  • RF-quiet, for low detectability.
  • Aircraft with extensive heritage and low acoustic signature.
  • Persistence, to keep flying as long as power is provided from a range of sources.
  • Autonomous failsafe behaviors in the event of communications or power loss.
  • Small space claim on ground vehicles with active tether management to prevent interference or snags.
  • Payload modularity that adapts to whatever sensor package is needed for an application.
  • Tether provides secure communication between aircraft and the ground.

AVEM Limitations

  • Payload weight and size is limited to reduce power draw and maximize operational envelope.
  • Aircraft is tethered and must remain over the ground vehicle or vessel.
  • Altitude is limited for GPS-denied operation.
  • Ground vehicle speed is limited while the aircraft is in flight.